Puppy Questionnaire

1. Are you looking for a Boston Terrier for     a pet     or     to show     ? (Please Circle One)

2. Do you have any experience with Boston Terriers or any other breed of dog? Please Describe.

3. Please describe the style of home you live in. If you rent, please send your landlord's written approval for you to keep a dog in your home or a copy of your lease indicating the same.

4. Please describe your family, including all other pets.

5. How many hours per day would your dog be left in the yard or crated in the house by itself?

6. If you do not have a yard, how many times per day would you be able to walk your dog?

7. Your new puppy has an "accident" on your carpet. How do you discipline him?

8. What activities do you plan on doing with your Boston?

9. Why, specifically, are you interested in this breed?

10. Please note that Sagebrush Bostons requires that, in the event that you cannot keep your dog FOR ANY REASON, you return him or her to us so that we can find a suitable home for the dog. Your submission of this questionnaire indicates your acceptance of this condition.

Printed Name: